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There may be a temptation to hire one of the big National Disability Groups for your Social Security Disability case based on advertising, even though they are usually in a distant state. I am strongly of the opinion that hiring a local attorney for your Social Security Disability case is always better and this is why.

A Local Social Security Disability Attorney:

1) Meets with you face to face;

2) Is actually an Attorney, many National Disability firms use mostly paralegals or non-attorney "advocates;"

3) Knows the local Administrative Law Judges who will decide your case;

4) Is familiar with the personnel at your local Social Security office and the quirks of getting things done there;

5) Is familiar with your doctors and their medical staff - from whom cooperation is crucial to your case; and

6) Is NOT really working for your Long Term Disability Carrier, but is really working for you.

Reprinted from the September 2013 newsletter of Sheri R. Abrams, Attorney at Law.